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You are here: Home » Blog » Application of Zhongtian polybett fireproof HPL/compact laminate in Shopping Mall Building Materials

Application of Zhongtian polybett fireproof HPL/compact laminate in Shopping Mall Building Materials

Views: 1     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-08-10      Origin: Site

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The shopping mall is a place with complex function and structure and large usage area, integrating catering, entertainment, shopping, culture and learning. Because such places are densely populated, combustible materials are concentrated, and fire hazards are high, the fire resistance of decoration materials in shopping malls is particularly important.

Our Zhongtian Polybett® fireproof high pressure laminate(HPL) is a good choice as a decorative plate for shopping malls. It has many characteristics, such as water resistance, A1 fire resistance, acid and alkali resistance, antistatic property, antibacterial property, abrasion resistance, easy cleaning, etc. Moreover, the refractory plate does not need to be additionally painted, and can be directly cut and applied after being produced, thus being safe and environment-friendly; Also unlike the traditional decorative plate style monotonous, which gives customers more choice. It has a variety of colors such as stone grain, wood grain, plain color, metal color, artistic pattern, etc., and has a variety of surface treatments such as high gloss, matte, pitted, mirror, gold-rimmed surface, embossed surface, wood-leather surface, etc.

  • Zhongtian polybett compact laminate for shopping mall exterior wall cladding


  •        Zhongtian polybett compact laminate for shopping malls toilet partition


  •        Zhongtian polybett compact laminate for For shopping malls electronic lockers


  •        Zhongtian polybett compact laminate for tabletop of Office and restaurant


  •        Zhongtian polybett compact laminate for interior wall cladding of Business building


           In addition to the above places, Zhongtian Polybett® fire-resistant HPL panels can also be applied to interior decoration panels of elevators in shopping malls, partition boards for changing clothes in shops, tables and chairs in restaurants, public seats, art decoration panels for children's amusement places, etc.

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